Note: Page numbers followed by “f” and “t” indicate, figures and tables respectively.

AgI-doped FIC glass photonic crystal fibers, 128–133
AgPO3 glass photonic crystal fibers, See Silver metaphosphate glass photonic crystal fibers
All-Bragg-fiber refractometer system
calibration measurement, 275
experimental characterization of, 275–277
All-fiber refractometer system, 248–249
analyte-filled Bragg fiber-based sensor, 250f
capillary fiber sensors, 251–253
HC-PCF, 253–255
hollow-core Bragg fiber sensor interrogation, 274–277
liquid-core fiber sensors resonant sensing, 249–251
SC photonic bandgap Bragg fiber spectrometers, 264–274
All-glass composite PCFs, 113–114
photonic bandgap guidance characteristics, ...

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