Looking at Net8 Log Files

All of the various Net8 facilities generate log files, or have the ability to generate log files, while they are running. These log files can provide you with all sorts of useful information. At a minimum, you can tell when a facility such as a listener has been started and stopped.

By default, all Net8 log files are written to the $ORACLE_HOME /network /log directory. However, you can change that location on a facility-by-facility basis. You can also change the log filenames to something other than their defaults, if that’s what you prefer. Table 10.2 lists the default log filenames that are used, and provides a brief description of each log file’s contents.

Table 10-2. Net8 Log Files


Default Log Filename


Net8 client

and server


Records Net8 errors on clients and servers. Parameters in the sqlnet.ora file control this log file.



Records errors, connections, and other significant events while a listener is running. The listener name usually ends up being used for the log filename. Parameters in the listener.ora file control this log file.

Oracle Names


Records significant events related to the operation of an Oracle Names server. Parameters in the names.ora file control this log file.

Connection Manager

cmadm_pid.log cman_pid.log

Records each connection made through Connection Manager. Also records other significant events. Parameters in the cman.ora file ...

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