Running the Application

The security maintenance form we discuss in this chapter was developed using the Oracle Developer 2000 product. It was originally developed in version 4.5 of the Forms module of Developer 2000, and has been migrated to version 5.0. This form works only on users, roles, and system privileges, not on table grants. The use of grants was not a requirement for this particular application.

This application uses data dictionary tables and the APP_ROLES table. This table and its function were described in Chapter 9. This table is one that you create, and it is not part of the data dictionary. This is the only table used by the form whose contents you can modify directly. Changes in all of the other sections of the form are handled by PL/SQL procedures.

Initial Display

Figure 14.1 shows the startup display. There are three sections to the form: user maintenance, role maintenance, and role assignment. The latter also has a part in the role maintenance function.

Maintenance form initial display

Figure 14-1. Maintenance form initial display

The top four fields are the user maintenance section. Here a user may be created or dropped and the password changed if (when) the user forgets it. The default and temporary tablespace assignments are also made here. You may think from looking at the initial display format that there’s no way to drop a user, but that depends on the status of the username entered in the ...

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