Gearing Up for the Foundation Exam

For the Foundation exam, you can’t have any reference material to hand at all, not even the PRINCE2 manual. It’s a closed-book exam, so everything needs to be in that fluffy space between your ears! You may think you’d like to have some clean paper to hand to make notes during the exam, but actually you won’t need it.

Marking up your answers

The exam consists of a question paper and an answer sheet. The answer sheet has printed ovals on it, and you use a pencil to fill in completely the oval you choose, or to put a very thick bar across the middle, to show your answer to a question. Figure 2-1 shows the format.


Figure 2-1: The answer sheet ­format.

Be sure to put a very thick bar across the oval or fill it in completely, since the paper will be cross-checked by a machine, and the optical reader can fail to see thin lines, ticks, crosses, circles and spots. You must use only pencil on the answer sheet, and if you change your mind on an answer, make sure that you rub out the previous pencil marking very thoroughly. If the machine detects pencil in two ovals, you will not receive any marks for that question.

Understanding the Foundation question style

All Foundation questions are the classic style of a question and then four possible answers. The following example shows the classic format used in the Foundation exam.

Which of the following is ...

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