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Perfect Phrases for Employee Development Plans

Book Description


The secret to business success today is employee and talent development. Companies that invest in branding and creating smart, self-reliant, "upgradeable" talent are the ones that will lead their industries in the future.

Perfect Phrases for Employee Development Plans has hundreds of ready-touse phrases for ensuring your employees stay motivated and competitive, develop teamwork and sound work ethics, and help meet organizational targets. Learn the most effective language for:

  • Pinpointing an employee’s strengths
  • Creating long- and short-term goals
  • Helping teams form plans--and then work the plans
  • Grooming people for advancement
  • Branding and expanding your company's talent pool

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Perfect Phrases™ for Employee Development Plans
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  5. Preface
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Introduction
  8. Part 1 Perfect Phrases That Build Employee Development Plans
    1. Be the Architect of Employee Development in Your Organization
    2. How to Apply and Tailor These Perfect Phrases
    3. Perfect Phrases for Interns and Temps
    4. Perfect Phrases for Recent College Grads
    5. Perfect Phrases for Boomers, Seniors, and Seasoned Vets
    6. Perfect Phrases for Gen Xers and Gen Yers
    7. Perfect Phrases for Organic Employee Development: The Natural Evolution of a Career
    8. Multicultural and Diverse Workers
    9. Beginner, Entry-Level, and Returning-to-Workplace Workers
    10. Mid-Level Leads, Supervisors, and Managers
    11. Upper-Level and Senior Managers
    12. Director, Executive, and VP-Level Leadership
    13. Perfect Phrases for Managers Who Want to Bring Others Up to Speed
    14. Elevate Someone Within the Department
    15. Describe Someone Ripe for Elevating
    16. Prepare an Employee for Advancement
    17. Groom an Employee for a Replacement Position
    18. Help an Employee Re-Create a Failed Development Plan
    19. Help Teams Create a Plan and Then Work the Plan
    20. Help Build Confidence Levels Among Employees
    21. Conduct Employee Development Planning from a Distance (Virtual Managers)
    22. Get Creative
  9. Part 2 What the Best Do Better than Anyone Else
    1. World-Class Managers Always Enrich Their Environment
    2. From Pixar to Zappos—Winning Companies’ Strategies for Growing Talent
    3. Here Come the Subject-Matter Experts!
    4. Get Employees to Say YES to Personal and Professional Development
    5. Attitude Is Everything in Employee Development
    6. What a Leader Must Do to Develop People and Grow Talent
    7. Volunteerism Helps Develop Employees . . . and Helps Your Company, Too!
    8. An HR Thought Leader Brands for Talent
    9. More on Branding for Talent
    10. The Importance of Ethics in Developing and Growing Talent
    11. Individual Development Planning: The Government Way
  10. Part 3 Perfect Phrases That Activate Employee Development Plans
    1. There Is No Abracadabra in Employee Development Planning
    2. Light Their Fire—Heed the Call to Action
    3. Seven Stages of Activation
    4. Turbocharge the Workplace by Creating an Employee Development Environment
    5. Grow Talent with 21st-Century Technologies and Forward-Thinking Attitudes
    6. Encourage Holistic Development and Talent Building
    7. Reinvent and Reenergize a Career—Change Course at Any Age
    8. Brand Talent and Apply Strengths
    9. Add Credentials to Expand Awareness—Continuous Learning and Education
    10. Dare to Soar—Grow Your Talent to the Next Level and Beyond
    11. Nothing Happens Until Someone Makes It Happen
  11. Conclusion: Talent Development Starts from the Inside Out