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Moritz Lenz, Perl 6 Fundamentals , https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-2899-9_6

6. Silent-Cron, a Cron Wrapper

Moritz Lenz

(1)Fürth, Bayern, Germany

On Linux and UNIX -like systems, a program called cron1 periodically executes user-defined commands in the background. It is used for system maintenance tasks such as refreshing or removing caches, rotating and deleting old log files, and so on.

If such a command produces any output, cron typically sends an e-mail containing the output so that an admin can look at it and judge if some action is required.

But not all command-line programs are written for usage with cron. For instance, they might produce output even on successful execution, and indicate failure through a nonzero exit ...

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