A.2. Commands

A.2.1. Help

h h

Get a verbose or concise help screen, respectively.[1]

[1] It would be more accurate to say, a concise help screen and an extremely concise help screen, respectively.

h command

Get a line of help for the given debugger command.

man page

View the specified manual page. If your system doesn't have a man command, it uses perldoc; the command may be overridden by setting the variable $DB::doccmd.

A.2.2. Stopping or Restarting


The q command exits the debugger (so does end-of-file on the terminal). The R command attempts to rerun the program with the state changes you made preserved. Some state may be lost; breakpoints, history, actions, option settings, and the -w, -I and -e command-line options will be preserved. ...

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