b command (CPAN.pm), b
b command (Perl debugger), b
-b file test operator, File Test Operators
-B file test operator, File Test Operators
B<\\> interior sequence (pod), Interior Sequences
B module, B
-b option, The perlbug Program, The form Geometry Manager
form geometry manager, The form Geometry Manager
perlbug, The perlbug Program
B\:\:Asmdata module, B::Asmdata
B\:\:Assembler module, B::Assembler
B\:\:Bytecode module, B::Bytecode
B\:\:C module, B::C
B\:\:CC module, B::CC
B\:\:Concise module, B::Concise
B\:\:Debug module, B::Debug
B\:\:Deparse module, B::Deparse
B\:\:Disassembler module, B::Disassembler
B\:\:Lint module, B::Lint
B\:\:Showlex module, B::Showlex
B\:\:Stackobj module, B::Stackobj
B\:\:Terse module, B::Terse
B\:\:Xref module, B::Xref
b64digest (Digest\:\:MD5 module), b64digest
b64digest() (Digest modules), b64digest
=back command (pod), =back
-background option (widgets), Common Widget Configuration Options
backreferences, Pattern Match Variables
backslash (\\\\), Unary Operators, Pattern Match Variables, Creating References
creating references, Creating References
reference creation operator, Unary Operators
\\\\1, \\\\2, ... pattern match variables, Pattern Match Variables
Backup() (Win32\:\:EventLog), Backup
bang (!), !, Unary Operators, Equality operators, Pattern Match Operators, !, !!
!= (not equal to) operator, Equality operators
CPAN.pm eval command, !
logical negation operator, Unary Operators
Perl debugger command, !
!! Perl debugger command, !!
!~ (pattern match) operator, Pattern Match ...

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