Photographing Children Photo Workshop, Second Edition

Book description

Capture the essence of childhood through digital photography with this helpful resource

Family photography continues to be a major field of professional digital photography, while amateur moms are the fastest growing segment of digital camera owners. No matter your level of expertise, you'll benefit from the invaluable advice featured in this new edition. Updated with new photos and revised text to cover the latest technologies, this inspirational book offers critical assistance with photographing children in portrait or candid situations, natural environments or structured interiors, and any variety of lighting. You'll find practical techniques as well as artistic guidance to capture a photo that radiates the innocence and magic of childhood.

  • Offers a strong understanding of photography's fundamentals and explains how they are crucial to capturing memorable images of children

  • Covers all the latest equipment and technology including mobile phones and HD video, and details how to capture fantastic images no matter the medium

  • Instructs you on how to effectively photograph children in a variety of situations, lighting, environments, weather, etc.

  • Shares insider advice on how to take frame-worthy photos of children that emanate the magic of childhood

Photographing Children Photo Workshop, Second Edition shows you how to sharpen your observation skills and involve your subjects so you can take memorable photos of children that will last for generations.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Title Page
  4. Introduction
  5. Chapter 1: The Art of Photographing Children
    1. Advice for the Aspiring Professional
    2. Be Inspired
    3. Resources for Inspiration
    4. The Importance of Play
  6. Chapter 2: The Look of a Photograph
    1. You Don’t Need to Know Everything
    2. Going Beyond Automatic: Exposure Basics
    3. Shutter Speed and Freezing Motion
    4. Aperture
    5. ISO
    6. Using Program Modes
    7. What Do You Want?
  7. Chapter 3: Seeing the Light
    1. Learning to See Light
    2. Available Light
    3. The Sweet Light: Dawn and Twilight
    4. Using reflections and shadows
    5. Photographing in Fog or with Overcast Skies
    6. Finding Contouring Light
    7. Using Soft Window Light
    8. Knowing When to Compromise
  8. Chapter 4: Manipulating the Light
    1. Indirect Light
    2. Direct Light
    3. Direct Sun
    4. To Use Flash or Not to Use Flash
    5. Direction of Light
    6. Light Modifiers
    7. Color Temperature or White Balance
    8. Basic Studio Lighting
  9. Chapter 5: Composing Photographs
    1. From a Snapshot to a Fine Portrait
    2. Focus on Feeling
    3. Keeping It Simple
    4. Framing the Image
    5. Parents as Props
    6. The Rule of Thirds
    7. Using Lines
    8. Breaking the Rules
  10. Chapter 6: What's Your Style?
    1. Classic and Romantic
    2. Contemporary
    3. Lifestyle Photography
    4. Preparing Parents for Their Child’s Portrait
    5. Portrait Planning
  11. Chapter 7: Evoking Expression and Emotion
    1. Observing Emotions and Moods
    2. Visualization
    3. Involving Your Subjects with Nature
    4. Studying Body Language, Gestures, and Movement
    5. Telling a Story with Your Photographs
    6. The Psychology of Photographing Children
  12. Chapter 8: Ages, Stages, and Groups
    1. Newborns
    2. Babies
    3. Toddlers
    4. Preschoolers
    5. School-age Children
    6. Tweens and Teens
    7. Grouping Families
  13. Chapter 9: Equipment for the Children's Photographer
    1. Considering a Camera Upgrade
    2. Using Interchangeable Lenses
    3. Looking Inside Your Camera Bag
  14. Chapter 10: Post-Production and Presentation
    1. Establishing your workflow
    2. Getting started with Image Editing
    3. Image-Editing Workflow
    4. Basic Retouching
    5. Changing colors for impact
    6. Cropping Tips
    7. Presentation gallery
  15. Chapter 11: Advanced Post-Production and Artistic Creativity
    1. Choosing a Photograph to Enhance
    2. Enhancing a Photograph with Texture in PSE
    3. Color Pop in PSE by Mary Schannen
    4. Black-and-White Action in PSE by Shana Rae
    5. Brightening and Balancing Skin Tones in PSE by Annie Manning
    6. Sunflare Lightroom Workflow by Nichole Van
    7. Photoshop and Lightroom Possibilities by Ginny Felch
    8. Resources
  16. Glossary

Product information

  • Title: Photographing Children Photo Workshop, Second Edition
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: August 2011
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118024539