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Chapter 10: Post-Production and Presentation

Establishing Your Workflow

Getting Started with Image Editing

Image-editing Workflow

Basic Retouching

Changing Colors for Impact

Cropping Tips

Presentation Gallery

Capturing the image with your camera has always been just the first step in creating a final image. In the film days, the darkroom became the next step in manipulating an image. Today, your darkroom is digital, and there are more possibilities than ever before.

This chapter encourages you to learn the basics of a digital darkroom and then experiment and play with your images. It’s like doodling: The more you play, the more you see what you can do with your images, which enables you to find styles that appeal to you.

Establishing your workflow

Post-production is the term photographers use to indicate everything that happens after the image is captured. That includes loading your images from your media card to your computer and working in an image-editing program, all the way to the final printed image hanging on your wall. There are a lot of steps to get you from here to there, and each photographer has his or her own unique way of working, which is called workflow. Workflow is defined by Wikipedia.com as a reliably repeatable pattern of activity.

A good, consistent workflow is critical for digital photographers. Digital ...

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