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Photographing Outdoor Sports: The Right Settings, Gear, and Tips for Capturing Baseball, Soccer, Surfing, and Other Outdoor Events

Book Description

This is a book about photographing outdoor sports—not as a professional working for a major sports publication or website—but as a parent or friend trying to capture a great memory. In Photographing Outdoor Sports, author and photographer Alan Hess demonstrates that the key advantage of shooting outdoor sports during the day is that you have plenty of natural light at your disposal, allowing you to use those action-stopping shutter speeds without having to rely on really high ISO settings. Along the way, he covers the basics you need to know about shooting outdoor events: selecting the right shutter speed to freeze the action, picking the aperture to make the subject pop out of the frame, and using the right gear to get close to the action.

Follow along with Alan and you will:

  • Learn your way around the gear you need to take great sports photos, such as camera, lenses, teleconverters, and other “extras”

  • Develop an understanding of when and what to shoot

  • Learn the basics of photographing several sports, including softball, football, track and field, and more

  • Explore post-processing techniques to add impact, such as cropping, color correction, and sharpening your images