Browsing through Photos

If you’re working in Photoshop CC, you can open Bridge by choosing File→“Browse in Bridge.” If Photoshop isn’t running, you can double-click the Bridge icon in the Adobe Bridge application folder (on a PC, go to Start→All Programs→Adobe Bridge CC). Either way, you see the window shown in Figure 23-1.


If you open Bridge and it looks different from Figure 23-1, try clicking the word Essentials near the top of the Bridge window. That will switch you over to the built-in workspace shown here.

The Bridge window displays a variety of info about your images in collapsible panels—just double-click a tab to collapse or expand a panel or group of panels. You can use the Folders panel on the left to navigate to a specific spot on your hard drive to view the images stored there. When you click a folder in this panel, Bridge displays its contents as thumbnails in the Content panel in the middle of the window (use the slider at the bottom right of the Bridge window to control how big these thumbnails are). Click an image in the Content panel to see a larger version of it in the Preview panel on the right.


To see a larger preview of an image whose thumbnail is displayed in Bridge, click the file to activate it and then tap the space bar; Bridge displays the image in all its full-screen glory. Press the space bar again to go back to the Bridge window.

At the top of the Bridge window are controls that help you find the files you want (shown in Figure 23-1):

  • Forward and ...

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