Chapter 5. Adding a Layer Style to a 3D Object


  • Choosing a layer style

  • Fine-tuning layer options

  • Building separate layers

Converting a 3D object into a Smart Object is not the only way to make changes to it. A layer style is any one of several effects, including a drop shadow or inner glow. Each layer style is contained in its own sublayer and can be edited, turned off, or discarded. These sublayers can even be turned into their own full layers and can be moved, filtered, color corrected, and edited just like any other layer in Photoshop. You can create several special effects by adding a layer style to an object.

Adding a Layer Style

The Layer Style menu button (fx) is found at the bottom of the Layers palette. To add a layer style to your file, click the fx button to display the Layer Style menu and choose a layer style. When you have added a new style, it displays as a new sublayer under the object layer.


You can open the Layer Style dialog box by choosing Layer

Adding a Layer Style

The Layer Style dialog box is very versatile. Once you open it, you can choose one or more styles to add to your object by clicking the check box next to the style name to select it. Highlight the style name by clicking it, and the dialog box changes to give you the settings for that style. Look at Figure 5.1 and you can see the Layer Style dialog box with the Outer Glow option highlighted.

Figure 5.1. The Layer ...

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