Chapter 3. Starting, Finishing, and Getting It on Paper

In This Chapter

  • Opening images

  • Saving images

  • Closing down Photoshop

  • Printing from Windows and the Mac

Although you can create some interesting images from scratch in Photoshop, most of the time, you work with digital pictures that already exist. These pictures may be images captured by your scanner or photos you've snapped with your digital camera.

Photoshop offers you a lot of different options for opening existing images, creating new images, and saving original files or copies to your hard drive. After you open, edit, and save your files, you may want to transfer those images from screen to paper. This chapter takes you through the steps you need to know to get your photos in and out of Photoshop.

Starting, Finishing, and Getting It on Paper

Browsing for Files

If you don't know the exact filename or location of an image, you can use Adobe Bridge to search for and open files. (Check out Book I, Chapter 4 for a complete description of Bridge.) Finding a file is about as easy as you might expect: Choose File

Browsing for Files


You can also just click the Launch Bridge button, which is a Br icon on the new Application bar.

Adobe Bridge allows you to efficiently search for your images.

Figure 3.1. Adobe Bridge allows you to efficiently search for your images.

In the ...

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