We live in a photo world. And Photoshop Elements has become a tool for both professional and amateur photographers who want to edit, improve, manage, manipulate, and organize photos and other media. Considering the power and impressive features of the program, Elements remains one of the best values for your money among computer software applications.

About This Book

This book is an effort to provide as much of a comprehensive view of a wildly feature-rich program as we can. Additionally, this book is written for a cross-platform audience. If you’re a Mac user, you’ll find all you need to work in Elements 2019 for the Mac, exactly the same as when we refer to using Elements on Windows.

In Photoshop Elements 2019, you won’t find huge changes to an already refined user interface. However, there are some nice new features added to the program.

In terms of the new features, this version of Elements provides the following:

  • All new Elements “Hub”: The Welcome Screen has been replaced by a new window referred to as the Elements Hub. As of this writing the name may change, but think of it as a place for getting around more than just launching the Photo Editor or the Organizer. In the new welcome window (or hub), you can choose from a variety of options. Of course, you can launch either the Photo Editor or the Organizer, but you can also find options for viewing what’s new, try out some inspirational creations, check out some trial options for new features, get some help ...

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