Chapter 4. Sharing Projects with Others

In This Chapter

  • Using the Share panel

  • Creating online albums

  • Attaching files to e-mail

  • Using Photo Mail

  • Using online sharing services

You shoot photos primarily for two reasons (if you're not selling them for income). One reason is for personal satisfaction so you can revel in your own work. The other reason involves sharing your creations with others.

Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of photography is experiencing the appreciation of family and friends who laugh, cry, ooh, and aah when looking at your images.

Photoshop Elements provides you with a number of different sharing options to get those laughs, cries, oohs, and aahs from others. When it comes down to it, the sharing of photos just might be one of the best reasons you have for using Photoshop Elements.

In this chapter, we look at the number of different opportunities Elements provides to enable you to share photos in your living room or across the world.

Sharing Projects with Others

Getting a Grip on the Share Panel

When you open Edit Full mode (Windows) and click the Share button, the options for sharing photos appear listed in the Share panel, as shown in Figure 4-1. On the Macintosh, the common items you find in Edit Full mode include E-Mail Attachments, CD/DVD, and PDF Slide Show. The Macintosh also includes Web Photo Gallery.

On Windows, the Share panel in the Organizer has the same options found in Edit Full mode with ...

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