Chapter 13. PHPUnit and Phing

Phing (PHing Is Not GNU make) [7] is a project-build system based on Apache Ant.[8] In the context of PHP, you do not need to build and compile your sources; the intention of Phing is to ease the packaging, deployment, and testing of applications. For these tasks, Phing provides numerous out-of-the-box operation modules (“tasks”) and an easy-to-use, object-oriented model for adding your own custom tasks.

Phing can be installed using the PEAR Installer, as shown in the following command line:

	pear install

Phing uses simple XML build files that specify a target tree where various tasks are executed. One out-of-the-box task that comes with Phing is the <phpunit2> task that runs test cases using the PHPUnit framework. It is a functional port of Apache Ant’s JUnit task.

Example 15 shows a Phing build.xml file that specifies a <project> named BankAccount. The project’s default <target> is called test. Using the <phpunit2> task, this target runs all test cases that can be found in source files that match the *Test.php condition. This is done by using a <batchtest> element that collects the included files from any number of nested <fileset> elements. In this example, the tests declared in the class BankAccountTest in the source file BankAccountTest.php will be run.

Example 15. Phing build.xml file for the BankAccount tests
<?xml version="1.0"?> <project name="BankAccount" basedir="." default="test"> <target name="test"> ...

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