Project 7.12—Plotting the Temperature Variation on the GLCD

Project Description

This project demonstrates how the ambient temperature can be measured and then plotted in real time on the GLCD. The temperature is measured every second using an LM35DZ-type analog sensor and is then plotted in real-time on the GLCD.
The X and Y axes are drawn on the GLCD, the axes ticks are displayed, and the Y axis is labeled as shown in Figure 7.101. The Y axis is the temperature, and the X axis is the time where every pixel corresponds to 1 s in real time.

Block Diagram

The block diagram of the project is shown in Figure 7.102.

Circuit Diagram

The circuit diagram of the project is as shown in Figure 7.103. The LM35DZ temperature sensor is connected to analog port RA0 ...

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