Advertise Your Presence on Pinterest

Once you’ve got your account up and running and have published some boards and pins, make sure to let your website readers know you’re on Pinterest. You can add a prominent “Follow Me on Pinterest” button to your website to advertise that you’re a pinner. You can either use the free button that Pinterest gives you on their website (see all the Pinterest goodies at, or you can have your web designer create a special Pinterest button for you.

Where should you put your Pinterest badge? There are three main spots I recommend.

1. Placing your button in one of your blog or website’s skinny columns (i.e., sidebars).
2. Integrating the button into your banner design.
3. Including the badge with the links to your Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube profiles (as shown in Figure 7.1).

FIGURE 7.1 Pinterest badge options.


No matter where you decide to put it, the key is to make sure your Pinterest button is easily visible to website readers. Don’t make people scramble around looking for this link to your pins and boards; make it as easy as possible for them!

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