Creating a Powerful Profile

You can hover your mouse over your name in the upper right from any page in the Pinterest interface to view a dropdown menu that includes all your account options. Click on “Settings” to view and edit your Pinterest profile (shown in Figure 2.1).

FIGURE 2.1 Update your profile settings by clicking on your username in the upper right corner of the Pinterest interface, then clicking on “Settings.”


Think carefully about how you set up your Pinterest profile; this is the first impression you’ll make on other Pinterest users—people with the potential to become fans and followers. Your Pinterest profile can also serve as a vital link to your website, Facebook profile, and Twitter presence, so take your time working on this!

Profile Name

The very first field on your profile page presents an interesting dilemma for business owners: do you want to use your personal name or your business name when you interact on Pinterest?

Using your business name can be a powerful way to spread the word about your brand to the Pinterest community. Because of the way Pinterest works, the names you enter in these fields will be repeated to other Pinterest users in a number of ways, including emails and various places within the platform’s interface. Therefore, what you enter in these fields is worth careful consideration.

Whatever you choose, you’ll want to make sure the words ...

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