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PMI-ACP Project Management Institute Agile Certified Practitioner Exam Study Guide

Book Description

The ultimate study package for the new PMI-ACP exam

The PMI-ACP Project Management Institute Agile Certified Practitioner Exam Study Guide is an all-in-one package for comprehensive exam preparation. This up-to-date guide is fully aligned with the latest version of the exam, featuring coverage of 100 percent of the exam domains. Expanded coverage of AGILE includes the basic principles, value-driven delivery, stakeholder engagement, team performance, adaptive planning, problem detection and resolution, and continuous improvement to align with the A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® 6th Edition) and its increased emphasis on agile, adaptive and iterative practices.

In-depth discussion merges with hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios to provide a well-rounded review of essential exam concepts, while the online learning center provides an assessment test, chapter tests, a practice exam, and study aids to help you ensure complete preparation for the big day.

  • Master 100 percent of the exam objectives, including expanded AGILE coverage
  • Reinforce critical concepts with hands-on practice and real-world scenarios
  • Test your knowledge with challenging chapter review questions
  • One year of FREE access to the Sybex online test bank featuring practice tests, flashcards, a glossary, and more

Project management is one of the most in-demand skills in today's job market, making more and more employers turn to AGILE methodologies to enhance delivery and results. The PMI-ACP certification shows employers that you have demonstrated mastery of essential project management skills and a practical understanding of adaptive, iterative processes; this validation puts you among the ranks of qualified project management professionals employers are desperately seeking, and the PMI-ACP Project Management Institute Agile Certified Practitioner Exam Study Guide is your one-stop resource for exam success.

Table of Contents

  1. Acknowledgments
  2. About the Author
  3. Preface
  4. Introduction
    1. It Pays to Get Certified
    2. How Certification Helps Your Career
    3. Steps to Getting Certified and Staying Certified
    4. How to Obtain More Information
    5. Before You Begin Studying for the PMI-ACP® Certification Exam
    6. Why Become PMI-ACP® Certified?
    7. How to Become a PMI-ACP Certified Professional
    8. Who Should Read This Book?
    9. What Does This Book Cover?
    10. Tips for Taking the PMI-ACP Exam
    11. What’s Included in the Book
    12. Interactive Online Learning Environment and Test Bank
    13. How to Use This Book and the Interactive Online Learning Environment and Test Bank
    14. PMI-ACP® Exam Objectives
    15. PMI-ACP® Certification Exam Objective Map
  5. Assessment Test
  6. Answers to Assessment Test
  7. Chapter 1 Agile Foundations
    1. History and the Agile Manifesto
    2. Summary
    3. Exam Essentials
    4. Review Questions
  8. Chapter 2 Scrum and eXtreme Programming (XP)
    1. What Is Scrum?
    2. The Scrum Team
    3. Scrum Artifacts
    4. Scrum Events
    5. The Daily Scrum
    6. The Sprint Review
    7. The Sprint Retrospective
    8. eXtreme Programming (XP) Overview
    9. Core Practices of XP
    10. Summary
    11. Exam Essentials
    12. Review Questions
  9. Chapter 3 Key Aspects of Additional Agile Methodologies
    1. Dynamic Systems Development Method
    2. Kanban
    3. What Is Lean Product/Software Development?
    4. Feature-Driven Development
    5. Crystal Methods
    6. Adaptive Software Development (ASD)
    7. Creating a Successful Mindset
    8. Summary
    9. Exam Essentials
    10. Review Questions
  10. Chapter 4 Agile Initiation and Stakeholder Engagement
    1. Charters and Agile Projects
    2. Determining Return on Investment
    3. Techniques of Pre-Project Engagement
    4. The Definition of Done
    5. Agile Knowledge Sharing and Communication
    6. Summary
    7. Exam Essentials
    8. Review Questions
  11. Chapter 5 The Human Side of Agile Project Management
    1. Interpersonal Skills
    2. Conflict Resolution
    3. Adaptive Leadership
    4. Summary
    5. Exam Essentials
    6. Review Questions
  12. Chapter 6 Agile Estimation and Planning
    1. Iteration Zero
    2. Analyzing Based on Business Value
    3. Timeboxing
    4. Themes, Epics, and User Stories
    5. Backlog Refinement
    6. Story Mapping
    7. Relative Sizing
    8. Planning Poker
    9. Planning Poker Best Practices
    10. Initial Velocity
    11. Iteration/Sprint Calculations
    12. Story Point Estimates and Spikes
    13. Summary
    14. Exam Essentials
    15. Review Questions
  13. Chapter 7 Effective Team Performance on Agile Projects
    1. Tuckman’s Ladder
    2. Shu Ha Ri and Skill Mastery
    3. Dreyfus Model: Five Stages of Skill Acquisition
    4. Collaborative Working Environments
    5. Distributed Teams
    6. Osmotic Communication
    7. Team and Individual Coaching
    8. Velocity Tracking
    9. Burn Down and Burn Up Charts
    10. Summary
    11. Exam Essentials
    12. Review Questions
  14. Chapter 8 Agile Execution and Tracking of Iterations
    1. Return on Investment and Benefit Measurement Methods
    2. Earned Value Analysis
    3. Key Performance Indicators
    4. The Triple Constraints
    5. The Gulf of Misunderstanding
    6. Dot Voting, or Multi-Voting
    7. MoSCoW
    8. Monopoly Money
    9. 100 Points
    10. Kano Analysis
    11. Customized Procurement
    12. Summary
    13. Exam Essentials
    14. Review Questions
  15. Chapter 9 Detecting Problems and Working Through Changes
    1. The Cost of Changes
    2. Determining Defects
    3. Risk Management
    4. Summary
    5. Exam Essentials
    6. Review Questions
  16. Chapter 10 Tailoring, Quality Management, and Improving Project Processes
    1. Tailoring
    2. Tailoring and the PMBOK® Guide
    3. Lead Time and Cycle Time
    4. Process Improvement
    5. Value Stream Mapping
    6. Continuous Product Improvement
    7. Summary
    8. Exam Essentials
    9. Review Questions
  17. Appendix A Next Steps
    1. What Is the PMI-ACP Certification?
    2. Tools and Techniques Overview
    3. Task Overview
    4. Tools and Techniques Overview
    5. Knowledge and Skills
    6. Concluding Thoughts
  18. Appendix B Answers to Review Questions
    1. Chapter 1
    2. Chapter 2
    3. Chapter 3
    4. Chapter 4
    5. Chapter 5
    6. Chapter 6
    7. Chapter 7
    8. Chapter 8
    9. Chapter 9
    10. Chapter 10
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