8 As Exploits sit Lonely, Forgotten on the Shelf Your Friendly Neighbors at PoCGTFO Proudly Present Pastor Manul Laphroaig’s Export-Controlled Church Newsletter

8:1 Please stand; now, please be seated.

PoCGTFO 8:2 contains our own Pastor Manul Laphroaig’s rant on the recent Wassenaar amendments, which will one day have us all burned as witches.

In PoCGTFO 8:3, Scott Bauer, Pascal Cuoq, and John Regehr present a backdoored version of sudo, but why should we give a damn whether anyone can backdoor such an application? Well, these fine neighbors abuse a pre-existing bug in CLANG that snuck past seventeen thousand assertions. Thus, the backdoor in their version of sudo provably doesn’t exist until after compilation with a particular compiler. ...

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