CHAPTER 1Introduction

Chapter Outline

  1. 1.1 Introduction to the Investment Industry
  2. 1.2 What Is a Portfolio Manager?
  3. 1.3 What Investment Problems Do Portfolio Managers Seek to Solve?
  4. 1.4 Spectrum of Portfolio Managers
  5. 1.5 Layout of This Book
    1. Problems
    2. Endnotes


The investment business offers the potential for an exciting career. The stakes are high and the competition is keen. Investment firms are paid a management fee to invest other people's money and their clients expect expert care and superior performance. Managing other people's money is a serious endeavor. Individuals entrust their life savings and their dreams for attractive homes, their children's educations, and comfortable retirements. Foundations and endowments hand over responsibility for the assets that support their missions. Corporations delegate management of the funds that will pay future pension benefits for their employees. Successful managers and their clients enjoy very substantial financial rewards, but sustained poor performance can undermine the well-being of the client and leave the manager searching for a new career.

Many bright and hard-working people are attracted to this challenging industry. Since their competitors are working so hard, portfolio managers must always be at their best, and continue to improve their skills and knowledge base. For most portfolio managers, investing is a highly stimulating vocation, requiring constant learning and self-improvement. ...

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