Chapter 6. Finding Your Brand’s Aesthetic

Almost half of our brain is involved in processing visuals.1 Color, typography, photography, textures, and many other elements are being continuously decoded in our minds. We see an image and immediately begin forming impressions about the meaning behind it. Over time, we come to recognize the brands we love in the character of their visuals. Whether that visual is the brand’s logo, social media graphic, or site banner, it becomes an indicator of what the product stands for. Powerful content creation involves understanding the symbolism at play every time you share a graphic along with your brand story.

In this chapter, we analyze how design elements such as color and typography can shape your brand’s narrative. Then, you will complete a visual style assessment to unveil your brand’s aesthetic.

How Color Affects Brand Perception

As visual beings, our eyes are drawn to the interaction of different hues, which are powerful enough to create emotions, convey moods, and represent brands.

We react to color in a natural, often subconscious way. Users will rarely be able to express how color affected them, but make no mistake: it has, does, and will continue to shape their experience.

To help you make the best use of color in content creation, I will share a few scientific findings around color meanings. Many of these studies come from psychologists, who have found powerful behavioral and attitudinal triggers in certain hues. Although ...

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