Aspect ratios

The 35 mm frame

From the various originators of the motion picture camera came nearly as many ideas as to how a piece of movie film should be laid out, what the picture size should be and what type, if any, of perforations should be deployed. In 1907, an international agreement was reached stating that the film should be 35 mm wide, have a picture size of 0.980 in. × 0.735 in. and should have four perforations to each frame on both sides of the frame. This format is now referred to as a full aperture or as using an open gate. It is sometimes also referred to as the ‘Silent’ aperture. The layout of this format is shown in Figure 20.1.


Figure 20.1 Full-screen 35mm ‘Silent’ aperture

It can only be imagined as to what negotiations ...

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