magnet wire, 256, 625

magnetic cores

inductors, 122–123, 133–134

problems with, 134–138

magnetic coupling, 148–149

magnetic fields

electromagnetism and, 114–117

influence of, 117–120

magnetic coupling, 148–149

storing energy in, 113

magnetic induction, as voltage source, 16

magnetic reed switches, 293

magnetic sensors

Hall effect sensor, 544

magnetic field detection, 548–549

overview of, 526

magnitude comparator ICs, 751–752

mAh (milliampere-hours), 287–288

main-line circuit breakers, 399

mains power

in home wiring, 976–977

overview of, 92–94

mask ROM (MROM), 832–833

mass and spring accelerometer, 541–542

Master In/Slave Out (MISO) line, 890

Master Out/Slave In (MOSI) line, 890

mathematical operators, PBASIC2 language, 855–856

matrix keypads, ...

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