6Color Pattern Matching

Pattern matching based on grayscale images is a well-established tool for alignment, gauging, and inspection applications. However, grayscale images may have contrast problems due to non-optimum lighting conditions. If the object and background have similar grayscale intensities, grayscale pattern matching may not give accurate results. On the other hand, color pattern matching searches for color patterns and can improve the matching results significantly when the color of an object provides greater object differentiation from the background.

An example for color pattern matching can be found from the following folder:

Figure 6.1 shows a screen-captured image of the example VI. As seen in the figure, color pattern matching is effectively used in finding matched patterns with distinctive colors and shapes in comparison with the background. In the same manner as in Chapter 5, color pattern matching consists of two main steps: (1) learning template information and (2) searching for patterns based on the template.


Figure 6.1 Example VI for color pattern matching.

Upon running the example VI, select a Template (Figure 6.1 img) part for color pattern matching ...

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