Defining Your Own Modules

Writing and Running a Program, explained that in order to save code for later use, you can put it in a file with a .py extension, and it demonstrated how to run that code. Chapter 3, Designing and Using Functions, also included this function definition:

 >>>​​ ​​def​​ ​​convert_to_celsius(fahrenheit:​​ ​​float)​​ ​​->​​ ​​float:
 ...​​ ​​"""Return the number of Celsius degrees equivalent to fahrenheit
 ... degrees.
 ... >>> convert_to_celsius(75)
 ... 23.88888888888889
 ... """
 ...​​ ​​return​​ ​​(fahrenheit​​ ​​-​​ ​​32.0)​​ ​​*​​ ​​5.0​​ ​​/​​ ​​9.0

Put the function definition for convert_to_celsius from Defining Our Own Functions, in a file called (You can save ...

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