The System Folder

This section provides information about editing the following:

  • System configuration data

  • OSP server

  • IP dial plan

  • Digit dial plan

The deployment script, described in Chapter 2, provisions the system and servers for operation when the system is installed. This section provides information about using the GUI to edit the system parameters.

In the left frame of the Configuring Servers screen are two subfolders under Provisioning:

  • The system folder provides access to the System Configuration data, the OSP server, the IP dial plan, and the digital dial plan.

  • The servers folder provides access to the servers.

This section provides information about the contents of the system folder.


Throughout the tables that describe the data fields, there is some mention of default and recommended values. This type of information is not available for every field.

System Configuration Data

The system configuration data parameters control how the VOCAL system works with registration messages and heartbeat signals.

Registration is the method used by SIP-based systems to keep the Redirect server informed about the location of on-network user agents. Registrations are temporary: their duration is set by an expiry timer. User agents must reregister after each expiry interval to keep their registration up-to-date. See Chapter 7 for more information.

The System Configuration Data screen includes a field for setting the registration expiry timer . Refer to Figure 5-2 and Table 5-3 for more information. ...

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