Conference Bridge Marshal Server

The Conference Bridge Marshal server connects to gateways or routers that lead to third-party conferencing systems. The VOCAL system supports both meet me and ad hoc conference calls . We tested VOCAL’s conferencing functionality with a conference bridge provided by Voyant Technologies ( We are not aware of any open source conference bridges available at this time. Maybe someone in the community will write one.

For meet me conference calls, any Marshal type can be used.

Table 6-11 shows the provisioning tasks that can be performed with the Conference Bridge Marshal servers.

Table 6-11. Conference Bridge Marshal server tasks



Adding a Conference Bridge Marshal server group

Conference Bridge Marshal server groups are the second sublevel below marshalServers and serverType ConferenceBridge on the directory tree. Marshal servers are called randomly within the same group; therefore, adding more servers to the same group will enhance performance as well as reliability.

Adding a Conference Bridge Marshal server

Conference Bridge Marshal servers are the third sublevel below marshalServers, serverType Conference Bridge, and marshalServerconferenceBridge<IP address:port> on the directory tree.

Editing a Conference Bridge Marshal server

Select a server, edit the fields, and then click OK. Table 6-12 describes the fields.

Adding additional Conference Bridge Marshal servers

Additional servers can be added ...

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