Mascarpone Provisioning System

The Mascarpone Provisioning server is a flexible open source provisioning tool that provides for provisioning subscriber parameters on multiple devices and platforms. It also supports the provisioning of new or custom-developed features, including the end user data required for feature operation, and has the ability to support different databases, back office systems, and large-scale customer deployments.

Architectural Overview

This design, illustrated in Figure 19-1, provides a generic, extensible provisioning system primarily for provisioning of VoIP solutions, although the generic approach taken to the development makes the program extensible to potentially provision other types of systems.

Overview of architecture

Figure 19-1. Overview of architecture

Top-level components

The system consists of a number of top-level components designed to integrate together to provide an overall provisioning solution that is easily extensible for provisioning new devices, as well as to provide reusable components that allow others to extend or replace components of the system to suit their unique needs.

Modular Provisioning server

The modular Provisioning server provides the core of the system and was designed with maximum modularity in mind. The first example of the modular architecture is the backend design. Rather than tying the server to a particular database, the backend consists of an abstract ...

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