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Practical VoIP Using VOCAL by Luan Dang, Cullen Jennings, David Kelly

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First of all, we would like to thank the members of the VOCAL development team who helped us bring this book to you:

  • Alan Knitowski co-founded Vovida Networks, Inc, along with Luan Dang, and served as its CEO from inception until its acquisition by Cisco Systems. VOCAL and the http://Vovida.org website were derived from Alan’s vision of providing developers with open source tools to build SIP-based Voice over IP systems worldwide.

  • Julie Chan coauthored the user guides, which provided useful material for most of the chapters throughout the book.

  • Enlai Chu, Doug Hawk, Raghavan Kripakaran, Kim Le, Tom Maneri, Barbara Samson, Mahesh Shankar, and Oscar Thomas helped us with the material that became Chapters 2 through 6.

  • Amit Bhadoria, Amit Choksi, Sunitha Kumar, Bryan Ogawa, and Surendra Prajapat provided material about the SIP stack for Chapter 8.

  • Eoin Canny and Chok Lam provided material about the base code for Chapter 9.

  • Chok Lam and Mitch Zollinger provided material about the User Agent for Chapter 10.

  • Charles Eckel provided material about Marshal servers for Chapter 11.

  • Marc Luettchau provided material about the Redirect server for Chapter 12.

  • Kenny Hom provided material about the CPL Feature server for Chapter 13.

  • Vincent Rubiere provided material about the Voice Mail server for Chapter 14.

  • Mason Kudo, Hong Liu, Hsin-shi Lo, and Mallik Medala provided material about the MGCP translator for Chapter 15.

  • Ian Cahoon provided material about the H.323 translator for Chapter 16.

  • Neetha Kumar, Tom Maneri, and Mai Vu provided material about system management for Chapter 17.

  • Wendy Breu, Francisco Hong, Wenqing Jin, and Surendra Prajapat provided the material about Quality of Service and billing for Chapter 18.

  • David Bryan, Matt Naish, Barbara Samson, Monika Smoczynska, Cheung Tam, and Mai Vu provided material about the new Provisioning server for Chapter 19.

  • Rohan Mahy provided a technical review of the first draft.

We would also like to salute the other employees of Vovida Networks who contributed long hours to the development of VOCAL and http://Vovida.org: Teju Ajani, Steve Anderson, Shervin Bakhtiari, Kim Boortz, Laura Brannon, Vicki Bryan, Dion Campisi II, Riva Canton, Renee Chen, Jeff Gao, Amy Goerges, James Gosnell, Don Gulcher, Grace Huang, Taroon Kapur, Mike Lehmann, Jack Liou, Kevin McDermott, Eddie Mendonca, Par Merat, Sean O’Neil, Krista Plasky, Deepali Rashingkar, Jennifer Sheng, Larry Trovinger, Rick Tywoniak, Krishan Veer, Doug Wadkins, Quinn Weaver, Han Yu, Tina Zhang, Jenny Zhao, and Vlad Zubarev.

We would also like to thank the many individual contributors to http://Vovida.org. To those who have helped us by answering mailing list questions, discovering bugs, testing new releases, and contributing patches, we are eternally grateful.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to VOCAL and to http://Vovida.org, especially our wives, Linh, Lyndsay, and Mireya, who provided us with moral support while we spent our quality family time writing this book. We would also like to tip our hats to the editors, illustrators, and the rest of the staff at O’Reilly & Associates who helped us bring this book from concept to completion. Thank you for your fine effort.

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