Chapter 6. Provisioning Servers

Chapter 5 covered the systems folder within the technician’s GUI screens. This chapter covers the screens found within the servers folder.

The Servers Folder

This section provides information about:

  • Adding server groups

  • Adding servers

  • Editing servers

  • Deleting servers

Provisioning is the series of tasks required for setting up the servers to communicate with one another, and with off-network entities. The make allinone script performs these tasks during system installation.

New entities can be added, edited, and deleted through the GUI. The procedure is the same for each server type.

In the left frame of the Configure Servers screen are two subfolders under Provisioning:

  • The system folder provides access to the system configuration data, the OSP server, the IP dial plan, and the digital dial plan. For more information, see Chapter 5.

  • The servers folder provides access to the servers.

This section provides information about the contents of the servers folder.

The servers are organized into the following levels of hierarchy:


A general description of the server’s function, such as the Feature servers or the CDR server.


A specific description of the server’s function such as the Forward All Calls Feature server or User Agent Marshal server. Only the Feature and Marshal servers are divided by type.


A method for assigning users to servers. Each group can contain multiple servers. Providing users with primary and backup servers within assigned ...

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