CHAPTER FIFTEENPrivate Foundations and Public Charities

  1. *§ 15.4 Publicly Supported Organizations Donative Entities
    1. (a) General Rules
  2. § 15.5 Service Provider Organizations
    1. *(c) Unusual Grants
  3. § 15.7 Supporting Organizations
    1. (g) Operated in Connection with (Type III)
  4. § 15.8 Change of Public Charity Category
    1. (b) From § 509(a)(3) to § 509(a)(1) or 509(a)(2)
    2. (d) IRS Recognition of Change in Status


(a) General Rules

p. 730, note 95. Delete and substitute:

Reg. § 1,170A-9(f)(6)(v). This concept of earmarking is also reflected in the rules for service provider organizations (see § 15.5) (Reg. § 1.509(a)-3(j)(1), (2). Examples that apply in both contexts are in Reg. § 1.509(a)-3(j)(3).


(c) Unusual Grants

p. 749, note 181, first line. Delete Reg. citation and substitute:

Reg. § 1.509(a)-3(c)(3), (4).

p. 749, note 181, second line. Delete Reg. citation and substitute:

Reg. § 170A-9(f)(6)(ii), (iii).

p. 750. Insert as first complete paragraph:

There has been a flurry of favorable private letter rulings concerning unusual grants this spring. In one instance, a community foundation was about to receive a bequest from an estate, the size of which was unusual compared with the foundation's support levels and which would have adversely affected its status as a public charity; the decedent had not previously contributed a substantial part of the foundation's support and the bequest ...

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