CHAPTER 7Manipulating SDO_GEOMETRY in Application Programs

So far, you have seen how to define and load spatial objects using the SDO_GEOMETRY type. You have also seen how to read spatial objects from SQL using SQL*Plus. In this chapter, we cover how to manipulate SDO_GEOMETRY types in the PL/SQL and Java programming languages.

Note that there are actually few occasions when you need to write explicit code to manipulate SDO_GEOMETRY types in your application. In most cases, you can directly examine the contents of an SDO_GEOMETRY in SQL. For instance, you can obtain the geographical coordinates from an SDO_GEOMETRY object as shown in Listing 7-1.

Listing 7-1. Extracting Coordinates

SQL> SELECT, b.location.sdo_point.x b_long, b.location.sdo_point.y ...

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