© Iuliana Cosmina, Rob Harrop, Chris Schaefer, and Clarence Ho 2017
Iuliana Cosmina, Rob Harrop, Chris Schaefer and Clarence HoPro Spring 5https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-2808-1_11

11. Task Scheduling

Iuliana Cosmina, Rob Harrop2, Chris Schaefer3 and Clarence Ho4
Sibiu, Sibiu, Romania
Reddish, UK
Venice, Florida, USA
Hong Kong, China
Task scheduling is a common feature in enterprise applications. Task scheduling is composed mainly of three parts: the task (which is the piece of business logic needed to run at a specific time or on a regular basis), the trigger (which specifies the condition under which the task should be executed), and the scheduler (which executes the task based on the information from the trigger). Specifically, this ...

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