© Iuliana Cosmina, Rob Harrop, Chris Schaefer, and Clarence Ho 2017
Iuliana Cosmina, Rob Harrop, Chris Schaefer and Clarence HoPro Spring 5https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-2808-1_6

6. Spring JDBC Support

Iuliana Cosmina, Rob Harrop2, Chris Schaefer3 and Clarence Ho4
Sibiu, Sibiu, Romania
Reddish, UK
Venice, Florida, USA
Hong Kong, China
By now you have seen how easy it is to build a fully Spring-managed application. You have a solid understanding of bean configuration and aspect-oriented programming (AOP). However, one part of the puzzle is missing: how do you get the data that drives the application?
Besides simple throwaway command-line utilities, almost every application needs to persist data to some sort of data store. The most usual ...

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