Appendix A. Production-Readiness Checklist

This will be a checklist to run over all microservices—manually or in an automated way.

A Production-Ready Service Is Stable and Reliable

  • It has a standardized development cycle.

  • Its code is thoroughly tested through lint, unit, integration, and end-to-end testing.

  • Its test, packaging, build, and release process is completely automated.

  • It has a standardized deployment pipeline, containing staging, canary, and production phases.

  • Its clients are known.

  • Its dependencies are known, and there are backups, alternatives, fallbacks, and caching in place in case of failures.

  • It has stable and reliable routing and discovery in place.

A Production-Ready Service Is Scalable and Performant

  • Its qualitative and quantitative growth scales are known.

  • It uses hardware resources efficiently.

  • Its resource bottlenecks and requirements have been identified.

  • Capacity planning is automated and performed on a scheduled basis.

  • Its dependencies will scale with it.

  • It will scale with its clients.

  • Its traffic patterns are understood.

  • Traffic can be re-routed in case of failures.

  • It is written in a programming language that allows it to be scalable and performant.

  • It handles and processes tasks in a performant manner.

  • It handles and stores data in a scalable and performant way.

A Production-Ready Service Is Fault Tolerant and Prepared for Any Catastrophe

  • It has no single point of failure.

  • All failure scenarios and ...

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