Publishing Packages

The previous section looked at how to create packages. Creating packages is useful, but at some point, you may to want to share them with the world. If you don't care to share them, you can still make use of NuGet with private feeds. I cover that later.

Publishing to

By default, NuGet points to a feed located at

To publish your package to this feed, you do the following:

1. Set up a NuGet Gallery account at Figure 10.20 shows the NuGet gallery.
2. Log into the site, and then click your username. This brings you to a page with options to manage your account and your packages. Click on the Upload Package link to navigate to the upload page, as shown in Figure 10.21.

Uploading a package takes you to a screen that enables you to verify the metadata for the package, as shown in Figure 10.22. If you want to upload the package but keep it hidden from search results, uncheck the “List this package in search results” option. Note, the package can still be installed if you know the ID and version. This is useful if you want to test the package before you list it publicly.

3. Once you've verified the metadata, click Submit. This uploads the package and redirects you to the package details page.

Using NuGet.exe

Given that you can use NuGet.exe to create a package, ...

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