AFTER SO MANY YEARS, .NET has a new momentum. The .NET Framework has a young sibling: .NET Core! The .NET Framework was closed source and available on Windows systems only. Now, .NET Core is open source, is available on Linux, and uses modern patterns. We can see many great improvements in the .NET ecosystem.


Because of the recent changes, C# is within the top 10 of the most loved programming languages, and .NET Core is holds position 3 of the most loved frameworks. Among web and desktop developers, C# holds rank 3 among the most popular languages. You can see the details at

By using C# and ASP.NET Core, you can create web applications and services that run on Windows, Linux, and Mac. You can use the Windows Runtime to create native Windows apps (also known as the Universal Windows Platform, UWP) using C# and XAML, as well as .NET Core. With Xamarin, you can use C# and XAML to create apps that run on Android and iOS devices. With the help of the .NET Standard, you can create libraries that you can share between ASP.NET Core, Windows apps, Xamarin; you also can create traditional Windows Forms and WPF applications. All this is covered in the book.

Most of the samples of the book are built on a Windows system with Visual Studio. Many of the samples are also tested on Linux and run on Linux and the Mac. Except for the Windows apps samples, you can also use Visual Studio Code or Visual Studio for the Mac as the ...

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