Appendix A. About the Companion DVD

Topics in this appendix:

About the Companion DVD
  • What You 'll Find on t he DVD

  • System Requ irements

  • Using the DVD

  • Troub leshooting

What You'll Find on the DVD

If you need help installing the items provided on the DVD, refer to the installation instructions in the section "Using the DVD."

What You'll Find on the DVD

Support Files

The DVD includes more than 1 gigabyte of After Effects project files, Nuke scripts, video footage, CG renders, texture bitmaps, and digital stills. The files are organized by chapter. Within each chapter you will find Tutorials and Footage folders:

  • Tutorials folders contain After Effects project files and Nuke scripts.

  • Footage folders contain video footage, CG renders, texture bitmaps, and digital stills.

For the After Effects projects and Nuke scripts, it is assumed that the source files are located on a C: drive. For best results, copy the DVD contents onto your own C: drive. If space is not available, you can reload the necessary files once you are in the program. Methods for reloading the files are discussed in Chapter 1.

System Requirements

This book was written with Adobe After Effects CS3 and The Foundry Nuke 5.1v1. Newer versions of the software packages are available. However, CS3 and 5.1v1 were chosen to ensure backward compatibility and stability. Since the differences between ...

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