Chapter 12

Building Enterprise Security Solutions for Hadoop Implementations


  • Understanding security concerns for enterprise applications
  • Understanding what Hadoop security does not provide for enterprise applications
  • Looking at approaches for building enterprise security solutions

Chapter 10 discussed Hadoop security and the mechanisms within Hadoop that are used to provide security controls. When building enterprise security solutions (which may encompass many applications and enterprise services that interact with Hadoop data sets), securing Hadoop itself is only one aspect of the security solution. Organizations struggle with applying consistent security mechanisms on data that is extracted from heterogeneous data sources with different security policies. When organizations take data from multiple sources, and then extract, transform, and load that data into Hadoop, the security challenges become even more complicated as the resulting data sets are imported into enterprise applications. For example, how do you enforce the access control policies from the initial data sets, when the data sets produced from Hadoop jobs represent a combination of multiple data sets?

To complicate matters, many organizations are finding that the level of security that Hadoop provides does not meet all of their security and compliance requirements, and they must complement Hadoop’s security model. For example, some organizations are required to encrypt data at rest in order ...

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