Chapter 22. Advanced Topics in K2 blackpearl

Holly Anderson

Mike Talley

The K2 blackpearl platform provides tools and wizards that make building process-driven applications very simple. The previous chapters in this book covered the basics that are provided to developers and business analysts for building processes on the K2 blackpearl platform. However, there are additional pieces of functionality in K2 blackpearl that provide an additional level of flexibility in building and maintaining complex applications without having to write an extensive amount of code.

This chapter will cover the following topics:

  • Advanced Destination Rules

  • Advanced actions and outcomes

  • Advanced InfoPath capabilities

  • Troubleshooting

All of the examples in this chapter will be based on an Application Access Request process (see Figure 22-1).

Figure 22-1

Figure 22.1. Figure 22-1

The Application Access Request process is an InfoPath-based process that allows a user to request access to one or more applications for another employee. When the request is submitted, an e-mail confirmation is sent to the Requestor and the process is then routed to the employee's manager. After approval from the manager, the request is routed to the appropriate Application Owners, based on the information selected in the InfoPath form. The InfoPath form is deployed to a form library on a SharePoint site. Once approved, an e-mail is sent to the originator ...

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