Creating a New Website

Creating a website is the most fundamental step in hosting your website. You should ensure that you follow good practices for the creation of the site to ensure consistency of the platform. You can create a website using IIS Manager, the command line, or via scripting. The following steps show how to create a basic site to serve contents using all these methods.

Creating a Website Using IIS Manager

IIS Manager presents the administrator with a GUI interface that allows the creation of a website by following these steps:

1. Start IIS Manager: Press WIN+R, enter inetmgr in the dialog, and click OK. Alternatively, click Tools on the top right of Server Manager and select Internet Information Server (IIS) Manager.
2. Select the server to administer, click the Sites icon, and then select Add Website from the Actions pane or by right-clicking the Sites icon. This will present the Add Website dialog, as shown in Figure 6.3.
3. Enter a website name that is easily recognized by those who will administer the server (for example, WebSite1). A good tip for creating website names when you are doing high-volume hosting is to use a numbering system, or use the domain name without the domain prefix. This can speed up manual administration because it enables you to find the site by typing the name in the website view list.
4. Select the application pool for ...

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