Chapter 6Grouping and Totals

This chapter introduces and explains one of the most fundamental and essential concepts in SSRS report design. All of the data regions—tables, matrices, lists, and visual controls like charts—rely on groups. You will get started with the sample report project in SSDT that contains several completed examples. You will learn the differences between grouping and aggregating rows in queries and performing grouping on datasets within a report region. We explain the flow of data through the report along with the opportunities to filter, group, and aggregate values at multiple points along this path. You will add groups and related header tiles and footer totals to groups in a table and then a matrix. Then you'll see how multiple groups for hierarchies of grouped results make for effective reporting.

Another important topic, essential to effective report design, is the use of expressions to define groups and properties. We introduce aggregate functions and aggregate scope, which will be expanded in Chapter 7. Finally, you will learn to design a table report with multi-level drill-down navigation so users can explore details within summary ...

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