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Phil Wicklund and Jason Wilkerson, Professional Sitecore 8 Development, 10.1007/978-1-4842-2292-8_4

4. Back-End Dev Architectures

Phil Wicklund and Jason Wilkerson2

(1)Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

(2)Minnetrista, Minnesota, USA

Up to this point you’ve written some code in Chapter 2 and a bit in Chapter 3, but you might not fully understand how the code works. In Chapter 2 we wanted to get a Sitecore component built as quickly as possible without over-complicating the steps or the explanation, but now in Chapter 4, it’s time to take a peek under the hood, you could say, and explain the various patterns and foundational architectures upon which Sitecore is built.

This chapter is really a segue before diving deep ...

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