Chapter 10. Common Version Control Scenarios


  • Organizing folders within the branch structure

  • Managing and storing third-party dependencies

  • Managing source code and binaries for internal shared libraries

  • Storing customization artifacts to manage Team Foundation Server in the version control repository

There are a few scenarios that are common across development teams when managing source code for their applications and managing Team Foundation Server. Organizing and architecting the structure of the version control system can have a direct effect on improving the way applications are managed and built.

This chapter explores some of those scenarios, and discusses possible solutions to tackle each of them.


One common issue that development teams have centers on the organization of their source control repositories. Over time, these repositories can become unruly and downright difficult to locate. The common question around the office can sometimes be, "Where is that located in source control?"

By providing some organization to the version control repository in Team Foundation Server, you can provide your team with better discoverability of source code assets, as well as introduce best engineering practices that will make it easier to compile your applications locally and on automated build servers.

Figure 10-1 shows a sample folder structure within a branch. Notice how the folders are inside of the folder that is indicated ...

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