The Compact Test Kit provides a large collection of test suites to test different type of components and devices, which include the following categories of components and devices:

  • Accelerometer
  • Audio
  • Backlight
  • Battery
  • Bootloader
  • Cellular
  • Communication Bus
  • Display
  • File System
  • Input
  • Kernel
  • Multimedia
  • Networking
  • NLED
  • OAL
  • Power Manager
  • Security
  • Shell
  • Smart Card
  • Storage Media
  • USB

In addition to the tests provided as part of CTK, you can develop customized tests to support your device. Some of the CTK tests take a long time to run. For a device with a slow processor, some of the tests can take hours. You can select multiple tests that do not require user interaction and launch CTK to run these tests all at once unattended.

Although some of the CTK tests can run unattended after launch, there are some tests that require you to interact with the device throughout the testing process.

CTK Test with Manual Interaction: Input Device

This section works through an exercise to perform a CTK test for the target device’s input device, the keyboard driver.

With a Compact 7 OS run-time image launched on the target device with connection to the CTK IDE established from the earlier exercise in this chapter, work through the following steps to perform the required CTK tests:

1. From the Test Case Explorer tab on the CTK application screen, expand the Input node by expanding the Keyboard node, as shown in Figure 13-7.

2. From the Test Case Explorer ...

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