Chapter 15. Putting It All Together: Picture Puzzle


  • Using everything you've learned thus far to create your third game, Picture Puzzle

You've learned quite a bit thus far. Now it's time to create a third complete game for Windows Phone 7.


The examples provided in the "Putting It All Together" chapters (Chapters 8, 12, and 15) assume knowledge of C#. Without that, the sample projects may seem a bit overwhelming and confusing. These chapters are not for beginners, but for experienced developers who are familiar with C# and who are somewhat familiar with the XNA framework and game development concepts.

The Picture Puzzle game you create in this chapter takes advantage of the Camera Capture and Photo Chooser tasks. This chapter walks you through the development of the game and teaches you how to incorporate concepts such as multitouch and media playback from earlier chapters.


With Picture Puzzle, a player can take a picture of something that is then stored. The picture is turned into a jigsaw puzzle that the player can put together. Not only does Picture Puzzle show you how to use the Camera Task in a game, but the creation of the jigsaw puzzle also takes advantage of some of the "state" objects to create effects in XNA 4.0.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Well, now that you know the basics, it's time to design the screen flow.


When you created the Drive & Dodge game in Chapter 8, you walked through the exercise of designing the ...

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