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Profit from the Positive: Proven Leadership Strategies to Boost Productivity and Transform Your Business, with a foreword by Tom Rath

Book Description

Profit from the Positive is a rare business book that is deeply credible and compels you to act right away. If you put its tools and techniques into practice, you will become a better leader.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. profit from the positive: Proven Leadership Strategies to Boost Productivity and Transform Your Business
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  6. FOREWORD by Tom Rath
  7. INTRODUCTION: You’ve Tried Everything. Now Try Something That Works
  8. PART I It’s About the Leader
    1. 1 THE PRODUCTIVE LEADER: It’s More Than Time Management
      1. Replace “Just Do It” with “Just Plan It”
      2. Trick Yourself into Getting Started
      3. Set Habits, Not Just Goals
      4. Work Less, Accomplish More
    2. 2 THE RESILIENT LEADER: Give Yourself a Psychological Kick in the Pants
      1. Don’t Quit, Just Quit Being an Expert
      2. Put on an Explorer’s Hat
      3. Win Debates Against Yourself
    3. 3 THE CONTAGIOUS LEADER: Control Your Emotions, Not Your Employees
      1. Recognize the Achoo! Effect
      2. Tame Your Oscar the Grouch If You Need To
      3. Don’t Be a Control Freak
    4. 4 THE STRENGTHS-BASED LEADER: Capitalize on What’s Right
      1. Stop Asking the Wrong Questions
      2. Find Solutions, Not Faults
      3. Know Your Strengths or No One Else Will
  9. PART II It’s About the Team
    1. 5 HIRING: The Fitness Test
      1. Hire for What’s Not on the Resume
      2. Predict the Future by Digging into the Past
      3. Don’t Overlook Your Culture’s Quirks
    2. 6 ENGAGING EMPLOYEES: Bring Out the Best Versus Get the Most
      1. Don’t Just Read the Book
      2. Turn Strengths into a Team Sport
      3. Don’t Fire Poor Performers; Fire ’Em Up
      4. Give FRE: Frequent Recognition and Encouragement
    3. 7 PERFORMANCE REVIEWS: Change ’Em or Chuck ’Em
      1. Obsess over Strengths but Don’t Ignore Weaknesses
      2. Don’t Make Goals Easy and Vague
      3. Preview, Don’t Just Review, Performance
      4. Chew the Fat; Don’t Chew Them Out
    4. 8 MEETINGS: From Energy Buster to Energy Booster
      1. Start with a Sizzle
      2. Practice the Peak-End Rule
      3. Play Your Whole Bench
  10. PART III Putting It All Together
    1. 9 THE POSITIVE DEVIANT: Three Things I Can Start Today
      1. Don’t Resist Resistance
      2. Start Small
      3. Drop the Lingo
      4. Use the Back Door
  11. APPENDIX A: All 31 Tools Featured in Profit from the Positive
  12. APPENDIX B: Is a Strengths-Based Approach a Good Fit for Me?
  13. APPENDIX C: Turn Strengths into a Team Sport
  14. APPENDIX D: Frequent Recognition and Encouragement (FRE)
  15. APPENDIX E: The Five FRESH Themes
  16. APPENDIX F: Good Reads
  20. INDEX